Ariisse in a complete family destination as it blends nature with comfort. Family or group of families travelling together to the off beat, “In the Village” experience get to enjoy peace, comfort, nature and serenity.

Away from the commercial hustle bustle Ariisse is a “must do” leisure destination for all those living in the Millennium city and beyond

Ariisse is every family’s destination to relax, rejuvenate and Rejoice. Our hospitality will leave no stone unturned to make you stay a most memorable one,… One that you would want keeping coming back for.

At Ariisse your experience is that of the real world- free from any commercialisation.Over 70% of our 11 Acre farm land is free from any construction giving you the serenity long desired by you. For your stay we have four options of Mud Huts to choose from – Deluxe, Superior, Twin or the Grand Zamindar Suite’. Each of these huts offers you a personal space that is larger than any other city stay options.

Most of our huts have a sunrise view from your private verandah. Imagine yourself seated there sipping a perfectly blended hot cup of tea with your loved ones …soothing morning calm , chirping of birds and fragrant air of over a 1000 rajnigandhas blowing your way… a true morning bliss enjoyed only at Ariisse.


Ah the wonderful world amidst flowers!

They have no mouth, but seem to speak A thousand words so mild and meek.

They have no eyes , but seem to see And bury thoughts into me.

They have no ears, but seem to hear All my cries, my every tear.

They have no arms, but seem to pat When with worries my heart is fat.

They have no feet, but seem to walk Along with me in my dreams and talk.

They, I know, are the flowers so nice That spread their fragrance a million miles.

Grow a few and then you’ll know How your life is fresh and new.

With a smile so broad, I thank my God,Whose work to imagine is really too hard.



Each hut @ Ariisse has large TV, Air Conditioner, a living area with couch, a study table and large spacious bathroom.

Ethnic to the very core these mud huts have been built with care and love. From the doors, to the fabrics and furnishings, from switches to the layouts and colour schemes… each represents the Vibrant India, Living in our villages.

You may even choose your hut basis your favourite colours (basis availability). Fresh cool (non polluted) Air, the breathtaking myriad colours of flowers and fruits. The chirping of the birds, the sound of happiness and inner joy… is what makes you Ariisse to your soul.

While we could help you craft your day itinerary our experience tells us that in here you just want to be your own!

Nature Walks, Polyhouse visit, plantation & plucking activities, walk in the park, recreation zone are some you wouldn’t want to miss.

A mud bath and a tubewell pool…to make this stay of yours one of its kind…

Just in case you didn’t know why mud baths are good for you….we pulled up a list of benefits!


Why should you do a mud bath? (in no particular order, all reasons are great!)

1) Puts a little adventure in your life

2) Relieves muscle and joint aches and pains. The deep heat from the Mud & geothermal waters have incredible anti-inflammatory properties.

3) Relaxation like you have never felt. The warm, soft mixture of the mud  “feels awesome” and allows your body to let go.

4) Takes the stress off your body. You are completely suspended, no pressure on your body while floating in the Mud Bath.

5) Detoxifies your body. The earth heals you in these treatments by drawing out the toxins and impurities from your body.

6) Softens Skin, The volcanic ash exfoliates your skin.

7) Improves Circulation

8) Balances pH Levels

9) Silences the outside world

10) All-in-One

11) Go deeper into your massage